The kid stays cozy, let me tell you. I paired this ASOS denim over head jacket with a Bape "Baby Milo" Tee, Sixth June joggers, and a pair of grey Asics. I like the uniform look of the grey joggers and shoes. The blue denim compliments the Asics very well. Especially because of the light wood panels on the back. With just a pop of color coming from Baby Milo (yes that's his name) I'm walking the walk AND talking the talk (Lame? I know.) Anyways check out the rest of the photos and let me know what you think!

Photography by David Daka

A few accessories never hurt anyone. I have a ring made by ICON on and a bracelet from ASOS on my wrist. With the joggers being drop crotched and the denim jacket draping a little, this fit can easily be claimed as "lax lux" (laxacious and luxurious). A mix between being cozy and caring about what you wear on those "every-now-and-then" days off.